Monday, May 30, 2011

Introducing: HALLIE!

So we've enjoyed our Nigerian Dwarf goatlings, Gerty and Scamp, for about three months now, but we're impatient for goat milk! Gerty and Scamp won't be ready to milk until they've kidded (had babies), which won't be until next February or so. Too long to wait for rich, buttery goat milk! So we went to our friend Jordana at Nigerian Meadows, and bought "Hallie," a full-grown Nigerian Dwarf in milk and (hopefully) pregnant.
This is Hallie on the drive home.  She was somber and I think knew something was "up."
Here she is in her new home.  Beautiful!
Amie and I have no experience milking a goat.  I'd like to say that Hallie has been patient with us, but she has expressed her displeasure with our inexperience on numerous occasions by attempting to put her hoof in the bucket of milk (you can't drink it after a dirty hoof has been in it!).  So one of us has to hold her back legs while the other milks her.  The first time took us about an hour (exhausting).  We're down to abotu 25 minutes, and we're getting two cups of milk a day.
I'm not a big milk drinker, but I gotta tell you, this stuff is amazing!  It tastes like melted ice cream to me.  I could drink an entire glass of this milk, which is something I've never enjoyed doing before.  Usually I can only tolerate milk in cereal or loaded with chocolate syrup.  But not goat's milk!  This stuff's awesome.  Loaded with butterfat!  We're looking forward to having all three girls in milk so we can meet our family's needs and attempt some cheese, soaps, and other things you can make with goat's milk. 

Because of Hallie, Gerty, and Scamp, we've been able to have numerous discussions with neighbors about our responsibility to steward God's amazing creation.  If any of you would like to know more about raising goats, feel free to contact us.