Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hey Good-Lookin', Whatcha Got Cookin'

The "good-lookin" part -hugely debatable but as for what's cooking?  That one I can answer.  Among the many transitions the Sexton family has undergone (is undergoing) this year, is a move toward traditional cooking.  And I am suddenly realizing why women used to spend so much of their day in the kitchen.  Today's food activities as of 3:30ish:

-homemade kefir/almond yogurt and fruit for breakfast
-banana and blueberries pureed for tomorrow's smoothies
-homemade chicken stock bubbling on the stove
-1 gallon bag of croutons baked to golden yumminess (and hidden from certain thieving hands)
-veggie loaded spaghetti sauce simmering away for dinner

I do not pretend to be an expert and we haven't even been at it long enough to give some health and wellness testimony but I CAN tell you that I am both enjoying the preparing of our meals and appreciating the consumption of them more than ever.  (Though I admit last night when I had a parchment paper fiasco and was screaming "Tim, do something before I start hitting people!!!!" was not my best moment.)

I am under the tutelage of one amazing Mrs. Ronda Powell who sends me more information than I could process in a year.  She is my inspiration and fields a barrage of questions despite constant less-than-subtle references to my BIG family as compared to the two measly Powell's and the special challenge that presents for me.  It's all about maintaining the appropriate levels of pity.  ;-)

And so with her expertise and my family's forced participation willingness I will keep you posted on the process and hopefully the Amie's-gall-bladder-is-no-longer-trying-to-crawl-out-of-her-body-and-everyone-feels-better-and-has-fewer-colds-and-viruses-and-might-God-willing-finally-drop-the-extra-twenty-pounds... results. =)

If anyone is wondering...yes, I recognize the irony of this post/picture following our eulogy for One-eyed Sal.  shrug.