Monday, April 2, 2012

Goats and Seedlings for Sale

Spring has sprung and the babies have arrived at Little Farm in the 'Hood!  Go to our "Goats for Sale" tab for more info on our cute kids.

The baby plants have arrived, too (and they are no less cute, I might add).  We have four varieties of heirloom tomatoes for sale this year (Kellogg's Breakfast, Cherokee Purple, Mexican Midget, German Johnson), along with 2 varieties of heirloom beans (Rattlesnake and Asian Long Bean). 

The price is $1.00 per soil block seedling or $2.00 for transplanted seedlings.  If you would like to purchase some seedlings or have questions, contact us at 919-815-6601 or

Here is more information about the varieties we have for sale:

The Kellogg's Breakfast tomato, a sweet beefsteak variety that is my favorite.  Fruits about the size of your fist; great on a sandwich or cut up in a salad...mmmm.  Can't wait for this year's crop!
The Mexican Midget variety is prolific and has a very spreading growth pattern.  Produces hundreds and hundreds of little blueberry-sized tomatoes per plant.  Great in a salad or a quick snack while walking through the garden.  Kids love 'em! 
We also have Cherokee Purple and German Johnson varieties.  Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of them, but we've successfully grown them the past two years and can attest to their goodness on a tomato sandwich! 

Rattlesnake Bean soil block seedlings for sale - $1.00 per soil seedling.  These prolific plants will produce all summer up to the first frost.  Our seeds are genuine heirlooms.  They were stored in Amie's grandfather's freezer and recovered 10 years after his death.  Much to our surprise, they germinated last year and produced amazingly.  We saved the seeds and now they are available for you.  You can have more beans than you can eat AND save the seeds every year from now on.

Asian Long Bean soil block seedlings - $1.00 per seedling.  These plants produce 3-foot long pods that are great for stir-frying or just getting conversations started ("what kind of plant is THAT?") over a prominent trellis. 

Supplies are limited so contact us TODAY - 919-815-6601 or