Friday, June 22, 2012

Three More Mouths to Feed

This morning I sang "Happy June 22nd Day to You!" to my children.  It seemed like a good day to just celebrate being alive.  Isn't EVERY day a good day for that?  But I found out that today was a perfect day to sing "Happy Birthday" because we have THREE new mouths to feed here at Little Farm in the 'Hood.  Thankfully, we won't have to do any of the actual work.  These guys have very capable parents:

While I was milking Gertie I watched the mother bird bring in a cricket and then I heard the tiniest little peeps coming from under the eaves in our little goat barn.  "They're here!" I thought, "Happy Birthday!"  A few moments later, daddy bird came in with a cricket.  He was making all sorts of noise, either warning the close-by mama bird of my presence, or simply telling her, "You go first, honey; I'll wait." 

What a privilege to be the only human on planet earth to see this!  What an honor to be the first person to see these tiny creatures on their birthday!  And what does it mean that through the miracle of technology I am able to take a picture and share this numinous moment with the entire world?  We are truly all woven together in an amazing web of life.

It seems to me that we humans have constructed many barriers between ourselves and the living things around us.  The same technology that unites all of our minds and experiences on the Internet can become a wall of separation between us and the real world around us.  Somewhere today baby birds are being born into the world.  Somewhere there is a bean waiting to be picked and eaten straight off the vine.  There's a sunset to be watched.  There's a breeze to be felt.  There's a moment to be inbibed deeply like a fine wine.

I hope for all of us that we will be in the moment with our senses poised to see the wonder and mystery all around us.

Happy June 22nd indeed!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Shocking Find Unearthed in Wake Forest!

A beautiful potato model
Today in Wake Forest, North Carolina, three young people made an amazing discovery while digging in their backyard.  Three of the Sexton family's kids were digging in a patch of yellowing plants, when they noticed that the "rocks" that came up weren't rocks at all!  Being the good parents that they are, the mom and dad were able to immediately identify the find as Yukon Gold variety potatoes, planted just a few months ago.  Whoo-hoo!  Now mom's cooking them and we're all going to eat them for breakfast!

Nathan discovers a large "rock"
Following their discovery, one of the neighbor kids expressed her desire to "see a potato."  I suppose she's seen a potato before, but not one this fresh - you know, with dirt still on it. 

Nothing like potatoes with the dirt still on them!