Thursday, April 30, 2015

Plants in the Ground...Finally!

It's impossible to articulate how busy and crazy things have been around here! I'm late on getting my summer plants in the ground, but finally today I got some of the tomatoes and cucumbers and butternut squash in the ground. Here are some pics of the going's on:

I installed cattle panel arch trellises in various places in the garden. They should look beautiful when they're loaded down with beans, Malabar spinach, cucumbers, and butternut squash!

Tomatoes in the ground!

The grapevine is beginning to fill out and it's filled with tiny fruit clusters.

Every flower = a blackberry!

LOTS of blueberries on the way!

Plum full of plums.

Carrots and potatoes.


Mustard greens - easy to grow, with a delicious, spicy kick.

Butternut squash behind garlic.

Next: gotta get the peppers, peanuts, sweet potatoes, okra, sunflowers, and pumplkins in the ground. Whew! How's your garden coming along?