About Us

We are Tim and Amie Sexton and our 5 kids. (Things are busy sometimes!) Not your typical farm with rolling acres and acres of land, Reconnect Farm is essentially our urban Wake Forest, North Carolina yard: a quarter acre of real estate growing dozens of varieties of fruits and vegetables, herbs and seedlings, not to mention 12 hens and our rooster, Captain Fluffybutt and our dog and cat.

Our yard isn't all farm. We had to make room for kids to play and the dog to run. But we try to convert every available nook and cranny of the yard into growing space.

Why? First, because we love it. There's something about the connection with all of nature that comes from growing your own food that we find motivating and deeply fulfilling. But we also do it for more practical reasons, including insuring our own health by consuming high-quality, organic vegetables and getting some good exercise in the process. With a big family of seven, it helps reduce the cost of those grocery bills, which is a big deal. It's also just satisfying to know that you're living in a way that impacts the environment as little as you possibly can, leaving our amazing planet as beautiful and life-sustaining as possible for future generations.

And we want to do whatever we can to help others enjoy those benefits, too. Want to know more or schedule a farm tour? Call Tim at 919-815-6601.


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